G’MA is Back

It’s been a very long time, WonderWorld, since I have spoken to you all. I have been computer less for awhile, and also have moved from one place to another. When you have 50 years worth of stuff and only three rooms to put it all in, you feel the need to downsize, big time. And that’s what I did. Big time.

In the span of three months we made the decision to sell our family home, take a mother/daughter with our son and his family, and re-do the “mother” portion of the new place from the bottom up. I was packing on one end of the state and caring for my little granddaughter at the other end.. I was with her for 5 days, drove to the other end on weekends to continue packing and sorting and then back for five more days, all during the summer when Friday nights are the worse possible time to travel (with the possible exception of Sunday in the opposite direction). It was fun being with the baby. It was exciting to be moving with her and her brother and the rest of the family to a nice, new place. But this old G’ma was really getting tired. I was tired of sorting, tired of packing, tired of traveling. I was tired. But I endured.

To say that it was all worth it would be an understatement. I love our new place. I am getting to know people in the new community while trying hard not to lose touch with the old. I am joining and finding and all that good stuff. But most of all I am grateful to be close to family and to be able to spend time with them and help when I can.

Life is good. Family is good. I’m still sorting, however. Anyone have need of a Farberware coffee maker from 1983?

Thanks for reading.

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