Musings of a Trying-To-Be-Techno G’ma

I try very hard to keep up with things in this crazy world.  It is not easy.  As I age things come a little more slowly.  It takes more time to absorb new technology and new ideas.  This is not specific to me.  Many folks my age say the same thing.  Compared to some I think I’m not so bad.  I have friends who refuse to have email accounts and refuse to give up their flip phones.  I have 3 email accounts, an Iphone 5 and two Ipads.  I may not know how to do all the fancy stuff but I can text and make a call and Google with no problem!  What the heck…I have a BLOG for heavens sake!  But I can’t say it all doesn’t scare me.

A little background information about the last 60 years might shed some light on what I’m getting at here.  When I went to school, I learned to write with a quill pen and an inkwell and a blotter.  No kidding!  When I mastered that, they gave me a fountain pen (still my writing implement of choice).  I never saw a ball point pen until 5th grade.  They had indelible ink and leaked like a faucet.  Nasty business!!!

I learned to sew on a machine with a treadle (a peddle on the bottom that you had to work just right or the sewing would start to go backwards).  There was no electric connection to the machine.  It was all man-powered. 

The typewriter I learned on (yes kids, the typewriter) was not electric either.  Try depressing the letter keys on a manual and see how you fare.  It’s no wonder I am such a terrible typist. 

There were no calculators. Just adding machines that were gargantuan and had hundreds of keys.  Pencil sharpeners were hand operated.  Don ‘t get me wrong, we had electricity, but it was not considered a necessity to operate everyday things, just lights and maybe a radio. 

We got our first TV set when I was 9.  We had three channels, a 19″ screen and the worst reception ever.  It was free. It was black and white and you had to get up to change the channel. You could watch (sort of) a Yankee game and not pay anyone for the privilege.

When I left for college I flew on a plane with propellers.  Those are round things that spin and carry you up into the sky. I cannot imagine how that gigantic metal thing can be held up and propelled by four little round things spinning real fast.

Really, sometimes even the simple stuff escapes me.  How does a FAX machine know what to do?  Where is cyberspace?  Who figured it all out? How did anyone ever just happen upon the automatic transmission or the internet, or the smart phone?  Whos idea was the “cloud”?  Can I kiss him/her?  I love the cloud.  I don’t exactly get it, but I love it.  And who was the genius (or perhaps the madman) who figured out how to make knitting yarn that makes stripes all by itself?  My mind is boggled! 

So many things have changed in just the past 60 years that I just can’t wrap my head around all of it.  Maybe my hard drive is full.  I hope not!  But when you encounter a senior citizen looking puzzled over some newly invented contraption, be kind.  We’ve had alot to absorb in the course of our lives, so maybe it will take a little longer for us to learn to “cut and paste”.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Musings of a Trying-To-Be-Techno G’ma

  1. Growing up we were fortunate to almost always have a computer, but my dad studied them in college – back when he wrote code on “punch cards” and heaven forbid you tripped and spilled them! And he’s just under 60 – so it’s not that a lot has changed, but so much has changed in such a short amount of time! Kudos to you for not resisting, though!

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